Switch Group FIT

Get your friends and or colleagues together as we come to YOU or your WORKPLACE. We will sit down with you and discuss your goals and fitness levels. We then will do one of the Switch FIT live workouts (on the replay) either inside or outside in a space that suits you. 

Do you want to get fit with your friends? 

Do you want to have an in house fitness plan for your workplace? 

Do you want to get your own Switch FIT membership for free?  

Do you simply want to have a social get together with friends that leaves you refreshed and with all the benefits you get from working out. 

Then Switch Group FIT is for you! 


For current Switch FIT members: So you want to help a friend get fit and or show your friends and family what you're up to and how it all works! Simply get 5 or more mates together and we will come to you. We will go through a workout of your choice and show everyone how the website works and how they too can benefit from SwitchFIT. 


Please contact us direct so we can send send you all the information via email. 



Workplace Switch Group FIT session.

Do you want to create a more friendly team work environment? We offer weekly fitness challenges that are sent out first thing Monday morning which are perfect for work place challenges. 

We come to your workplace and go through 3 different challenges with you or your workers, and or one of the live group workouts (via replay) 

The live workouts are perfect for your team to get together and complete after work, during lunch breaks etc. All you need is a laptop or big screen handy and enough space (about as big as a Yoga mat per person) for everyone to move. 

Cost: $99 includes travel to you and 1 month membership to the SwitchFIT online programme. You will have 5 new video workouts to complete weekly, a fitness challenge and our support throughout!